The Single Sign On initiative began in 2015 through teams that pre-dated my experience with Publicis Sapient. The work accounted for seamless integration from the eCommerce partner site to their credit card site as well as partner deltas and specifications that enabled a white label wholistic approach. 
However, as the connection grows closer between the partner site and credit card site there is a need to simplify and explain the experience for the different use cases. The work below is a case study on creating a process for customers to easily connect their eCommerce and credit card accounts. Enabling multiple account management with a single set of user credentials and one sign on.
Scenario mapping
Process Work: Site Mapping
Client: Citi
Digital Agency: Publicis Sapient
Executive Creative Director: Michael Brandt
Director of UX: Kristin Miller
Senior User Experience Designer: Teia Hagood
Content Strategy: Alyssa Foegelle
Content Strategy Lead: Rikki Spacy
Copy Writer: Nick Bachan
Product Manager: Anne Veit, Leah Bongiovanni 
Project Manager: Michelle Loeper, Kevin Kettler 

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