Mutual Mobile (MM), a Grid Dynamics company, is a research and product development firm in Austin, Texas. Creating the dumbest app for iPhone put the company in the forefront of its competitors in 2010. 2017 was the year that MM began working on the Dribe application that launched in 2018. Dribe is a vehicle subscription service based in Denmark. The application was created to boost sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. The application eases access to vehicles. It is similar to easing access to music, movies, and clothes.

The Semler Group, Dribe’s parent company, sought out to bring a new business model to the market. The excessive registration tax in Denmark makes it difficult for its residents to own a vehicle. The registration tax was 100% of the vehicle’s value with an additional 25% tax in 2022. MM built Flexdrive, now a Lyft company, and also has industry experience in the automotive industry. MM had worked with Audi, Cox Automotive, AutoTrader, Flexdrive, NiceRide, and Ford. This made the firm the best partner to bring the mobility solution to the market.
I was initially tasked with working on a component library and the latest feature when I joined in 2019. In addition, it was my responsibility to:

• Ensure efforts were completed and prototypes were built
• Support the design team with mentorship
• Organize collaboration sessions
• Consolidate efforts into a central component library

This elevated productivity, momentum, and team velocity. From this point on, new designers were immediately able to pick up these assets and create designs in a fraction of the time that was necessary when I joined. This served as a framework to leverage and build on. This was leveraged on other applications that add value today. Through the design efforts of the team continually iterating on product and features, Dribe experienced growth in their subscriber base since Q3 2019.
Design Direction
Selina Silvas, Teia Hagood
Nick Morrow, Rohit Mondal
Brandon Halvorson, Ben Camp
Program Manager
Rob Trotter
QA Engineering
Kunal Parashar 
Technical Director
Priya Kokku
Karen Rodriguez Montiel, Praneeth Vunyala
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