is a product of Blackhawk Networks (BHN). The enterprise is a globally distributed branded payment experience company. When I joined the team at BHN in April of 2022, there was an opportunity for design support and contributors. The solution was to stand up a design system. After meeting with team members and supporting hiring efforts, the design team grew to reach over seven team members. The team helped evolve multiple features over my one year of service.
BHN branded payment experiences include gift cards, eGifts, rewards, incentives, and payments. The company began in 2001 by seizing an opportunity in grocery stores. It has become a leading payment provider.
My ux process on content-heavy CMS-based websites included the following steps:

• Interview
• Document
• Research
• Empathize 
• Solution 
• Coach

My leadership approach includes interviewing stakeholders. I gather existing pain points and empathize with stakeholders. The next step is to begin workshops to solve them. I create resources that support multiple features and products. During this phase, I evolve the company's design systems. I champion the new design and content structures that are founded. I engage content teams and more in creating solutions. If you want to learn more, contact me. 

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Creative Direction
Zia Islam, Eric Eaton
Teia Hagood, Mehtab Bhinder, Guilherme Nunes
Product Manager
Nicole Watkins, Robert Roark
Program Manager
Dustin Carr
Renjith Pillai
Heather Migliorisi
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